What sets private preschools apart?

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Don’t wait until your child starts kindergarten to get serious about their education. Putting them in the right preschool can get them started on a positive education journey they’ll follow into adolescence. What sets private school education at the preschool level apart from public facilities? Read on to find out.

Extra Attention

Public schools often aren’t able to offer the same great student-teacher ratio that a private facility can. According to Gitnux, there is a student-teacher ratio of 16 students per teacher in public schools, compared to only 12.5 students in private ones. When the ratio is larger, it can be hard for your child to get the attention they need from staff. It can also be hard on the teacher, who may be overwhelmed as they may not have the time to attend to each student properly. By putting your child in a private school education early on, they’ll get used to more specialized attention.


Some may think preschool is enhanced babysitting, but not at the private school level. Your private preschool is already teaching your child concepts that help them transition into kindergarten and the rest of primary school. They may start learning the basics of counting, colors, shapes, sight words, and more!


It’s never too early to begin socializing your little one. With a private school education for preschool, they’ll be around kids from other families who also want a high level of education. By the time they start kindergarten, they’ll be used to sharing, working in groups, and waiting their turn. Plus, your child will be used to dealing with an adult authority figure outside the home. In other words, they will already be adjusted to having another adult guiding them throughout their day.

As you can see, starting your child with private school education is a good idea. Why wait for kindergarten or first grade when you can get the ball rolling at the preschool level? Children’s minds are like sponges, so placing them in an educationally focused facility early can make it easier for them to love learning and carry that with them throughout their school years.

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