How Much Does Preschool Cost?

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Preschool allows young children to begin getting used to going to school before it’s time to go full-time. The cost of preschool will vary based on your location, the school you choose, and how many hours or days your child attends. The video explains what it’s like to begin preschool, and how much preschool costs.
Preschool offers your child an exciting opportunity to get to know new children and teachers. It also allows parents to have a short break.

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During the school day, children will play while learning important concepts and skills.

The cost of Odyssey preschool fees mentioned in the video is $400 for four months, or $100 a month. However, other costs are associated with beginning preschool as well. Children will need school supplies as well. The cost of these supplies can vary, but they typically cost $100-$200.

The average cost of preschool is between $300 to $1,000 a month, which makes Odyssey Preschool an affordable option. However, some schools offer financial aid. You may also find religious preschools offer lower rates than other types of private preschools.

Preschool cooperatives are another option. Cooperatives allow parents to hire a teacher. In this case, parents take turns helping out in the preschool. This can be less expensive than a traditional preschool, but it does require a group of like-minded parents.

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