The Purpose of Continuing Professional Development

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The world is ceaselessly turning. Every day, discoveries are being made, and new technology is being developed across all fields. As a result, industries and markets continue to shift.

Adults need to keep up or risk falling behind their younger peers.

What is Continuing Professional Development

A person should not stop learning after they leave school. The two decades they dedicated to studying should have equipped them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to enter the labor force and become a contributor to society. However, to get up the ranks, one must keep upgrading their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

That is why Continuing Professional Development (CPD) exists. The program is designed for professionals who have long left university and are now working in a specific industry or profession.

Taking a CPD program typically would not last as long as going back to school. The individual will get to master new skills and abilities within a shorter period. Moreover, participants can study and receive their diploma in Singapore without the need to take time off of work. The program allows adults to earn a living while enriching their skills and abilities.

There are different types of CPD. There are, for example, online training programs available to those who may not have the time to go to a physical location. It can also take the form of a workshop or a series of learning-focused seminars.

Informal learning by self-studying published books and academic papers written by industry experts can be considered CPD, but, of course, it would not come with a certificate.

Create New Career Opportunities

Those who participated in continuous learning programs, whether formal or informal, reap so many benefits from it but, perhaps, the most desired are the opportunities it brings.

Workers who go through a professional development program improve their resumes and, therefore, their career prospects. CPD informs an employer that the employee has more to offer the organization. As a result, they are given more challenging tasks or are promoted. Those who want to climb the ranks of the corporate ladder will advance their career and reach their professional goals through CPD.

Keep Up with Changes in the Workplace

In the future, humans will have to work alongside intelligent machines. The entrance of robots into the workforce is no longer a matter of “if;” it is happening right now. All over the world, certain tasks are being automated and relegated to machines.

The majority of workers in Singapore are still positive that robots will not steal their jobs yet. One survey found that 62 percent of adults do not believe that they will be displaced by new technologies. About two in three respondents predict that only a quarter or less of jobs will disappear because of automation.

Yet, experts warn that millions of jobs around the world will be wiped out. By 2030, 20 million workers in the manufacturing industry may lose their source of income because of robots.

Humans will need to remain competitive and gain new skills and abilities to continue working in a future where robots dominate the workforce. In most cases, the addition of robots will allow humans to accomplish more challenging tasks. It will also create new jobs that will require a new set of skills and abilities. CPD can enable workers to maintain their roles in the workplace.

Inspire Interest in the Profession

After a while of doing the same thing over and over again, people will naturally get bored. It happens a lot. One estimate revealed that about 43 to 53 percent of the workforce is bored right now. And, it is not just those who do menial tasks. On every level, some people find their work responsibilities tedious and monotonous.

Boredom in this situation can hamper productivity. Moreover, it can lead to absenteeism and resignations. This will only cost the company time and resources because they would have to find people to replace those who left.

CPD can change that. Through continuous learning, adults can stay engaged and interested in their work by offering them new insights into their profession. Workers can regain their passion for what they do and improve their output by undertaking CPD.

Moreover, because of their enhanced skills and abilities, workers who receive new responsibilities because of CPD are frequently challenged. There will not be space for boredom if workers feel their expertise and capacities are being sharpened and utilized.

CPD benefits everyone, but more so the employee. Adults who continue learning throughout their lives end up with more fulfilling careers and reach their professional goals.

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