Expanding and Enhancing Your Musical Knowledge Made Easy

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Everyone loves music. After all, the lyrics, melody, and harmony can accurately depict what people are feeling. Songs evoke memories that warm the heart and excite the soul. But some individuals devote an excessive amount of time to music. Hence, they learn new things that help them appreciate this art even more.

You might be someone who wants to expand and enhance your music knowledge. You might be an aspiring producer, a lyricist, or just a hobbyist. Nevertheless, there are some ways and methods that will help you expand your knowledge of the musical arts.

Here are four suggestions that will strengthen your affair with music.

Explore other genres

You might be the type of person who sticks to one genre. However, you need to give yourself some slack and let go of your strictness even for a while. This means getting out of your comfort zone and exploring other musical genres. For instance, if you love indie and underground music, you might want to give some pop tracks a listen.

Similarly, checking similar genres from other countries will let you explore the creativity of the people from the other side of the globe. For one, you can explore the appealing kitsch and smoothness of Japanese and Korean hip-hop in case you’re a big fan of New York hip-hop.

See live performances

Music is sometimes about feeling and getting in touch with the emotions of the artist and the lyricist. And fortunately, artists want others to experience these emotions live! Seeing musicians perform live might mean getting immersed in the artists’ world, sentiments, longing, and vision.

Attend gigs, mini-concerts, and even music festivals, as more often than not, artists release new singles or tracks at these events. And there are also occasions where an artist invites a guest musician with a similar genre; who knows, that new artist can become your next favorite.

Explore how music is produced

The pleasant sounds that you hear through your headphones and speakers have gone through rigorous processes. And you can appreciate music even more if you witness how it is made. Thankfully, this is much easier nowadays, as artists give their followers a behind-the-scenes look at music production. There, you’ll learn about setups, recording techniques, and picking the right equipment. This will come in handy, especially if you’re thinking of venturing into music production.

hand sliding a fader on a mixer

Learn to play an instrument

When you learn how to play an instrument, you somehow experience the feeling that the musicians have as they strike or hit the same, specific notes as you’re playing. Moreover, taking violin lessons or learning the piano yourself will also teach you invaluable lessons in life, such as motivation, perseverance, hard work, patience.

Listen more, feel more

Being a lover of music gives you fresh perspectives on life, and it lets you experience what the author of the music feels and goes through. And if you want to enhance your musical knowledge and wisdom, the best piece of advice that you’ll ever get is never stop exploring.


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