6 Training Certifications To Give You a Leg Up In Your Career

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Certifications are a great way to stand out among other professionals, allowing you to showcase your talents and qualifications without breaking the bank. Even if you aren’t searching for a job right now, certifications are a form of upskilling and reskilling, meaning these can help with your current position—or explore new opportunities.

If you have the time, try picking up a certification or two to give your career a leg up, regardless if you have a current job or are still in school.

Here are some of the best ones you should consider.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma refers to a set of techniques and tools used by firms to improve production operations, eliminate defects, and ensure quality. Six Sigma helps validate individuals skilled in identifying risks and errors in business processes and getting rid of them. This program is ideal for professionals working in the IT industry or students taking up engineering technology courses in universities.

Online Marketing

With online marketing becoming a significant priority for many companies, every professional must have a basic understanding of its principles. Certification programs in marketing provide workers a better insight into search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, and more. One of the best programs to take is the Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification, providing you with a detailed online marketing overview.

Human Resources

Human resources (HR) certifications give professionals the chance to boost their resumes and give their career a leg up. HR certification programs include conflict management, organizational behavior, and development. These can benefit most people in different niches, and the best one you can take is the SHRM Certified Professional program.

Certified ScrumMaster

If you work in project management, this ScrumMaster certification from Scrum Alliance certifies your knowledge about the Scrum Framework and your capability of implementing the approach into the workplace. Scrum is one of the most preferred and used frameworks today, making it a valuable addition to your list of skills. It’s a course best for project managers or product developers.

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Project Management

Project management certifications are fantastic ‘base’ certificates that you can apply to multiple fields, making it a great all-around resume—and career booster. These courses often cover topics focusing on valuable managerial skills such as time management, communication, and risk assessment. With such a broad learning base, a project management certification can benefit anyone—including those with or without college credit.

Whether you’re in the business niche or service industry, this certificate can help you advance in your career. The best ones to take are ones from Brain Sensei, Coursera, and Alison.

CompTIA A+

CompTIA A+ certification is ideal for those who work in the support services sector. This entry-level certification certifies your skills to troubleshoot and solve mobile devices, security, networks, and hardware issues, covering nine essential IT skills, ranging from hardware to operating procedures. It can help professionals, such as support specialists and desktop support analysts, hone their skills.

Taking training certifications programs or courses is an affordable and efficient option for professionals looking to get an extra leg up in their industries or change career paths—and those mentioned are some of the best ones to consider.

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