The Game

The Game is the most underrated thing in our culture.

The Game is the hip hop name that Jayceon Terell Taylor uses to universally relate street life to city life to suburban life through rap music.

The Game is a symbol of legitimacy referenced on The Wire a hundred times in 5 seasons to illustrate inner city culture with hyper realism.

The Game is a metaphorical playing field which every single person must bruise their skin against to live in an honorable way, according to Nassim Nicholas Taleb, whose book exposes how con artists game the system in religion, education, business, and politics.

The Game is full of games, there’s a game for everything, and if not, you can gamify anything.

The game of basketball, the game of raising a brown daughter in 2018, the game of building your own business, the lifelong learning of music and language game, and this new game I’m playing around with on this blog, Preschool Rock, which aims to answer questions like:

What games do you play, and how, and why?

What are the obstacles and goals of your favorite game?

How are they the same or different than other games you know?

What should I know about games you have deep skin in which I have zero skin in?

What exactly does it mean to have game? Or to have skin in the game? Or to be a student of the game?

The writing on this blog is a collection of essays, interviews, and stories about The Game, about all kinds of games, and about the players within them. It’s intended to arm my one-year-old kid, and her generation, which previous generations have deferred all their generation’s problems to.