Why the Shotloc Helps Steph Curry (and you) Shoot Better

Steph Curry is a winner because he’s always incorporating new shooting tools into his workouts. If you want to pioneer greatness at any level, it’s not enough to play hard and train hard, it’s also important to keep experimenting with new technology in your field. For shooters, tools like the Wilson X and the Shot Tracker which help you track your misses and makes automatically, the Splytter and the Shotloc which help you correct your shooting form, and the ic3 trainer which helps you put up more shots in less time, are all supplementary tools that can help plain workouts turn into powerful ones.

By training only your fingertips, you gain better control of the flight of the ball, ensuring it goes from point A (your hand) to point B (the center of the rim) in a straight line more often. That’s how you improve your jumper and shooting accuracy without additional time in the gym: By wearing the Shotloc when you work on your normal FORM shooting routines. Don’t stop there, rock a Shotloc on both hands during your dribbling and ball handling exercises.